Building Personal Leadership Skills: Creating Stronger Relationships for a Stronger Organization

Course Code: MN06

Course Objective

  • The nature of leadership and the importance of understanding how individual differences influence personal leadership style
  • How to build behavioral styles and skillsets that complement your leadership preferences
  • How to make effective decisions, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that decision makers face
  • What it means to “look like” a leader, and why it is important
  • How an engaging leadership style can increase employee performance, innovation and commitment
  • Ways in which an organization’s culture shapes our behavior and attitudes, and its significance for leadership and leadership effectiveness.


Target Audience

  • managers
  • senior buyers
  • project managers, civil engineers
  • construction managers
  • contractors, sub-contractors
  • site engineers, senior management
  • government agencies
  • architects, construction professionals
  • anyone responsible for purchasing at a senior level who seeks to enhance their skills further.
  • Purchasing and supply chain managers Project managers.
  • Divisional managers
  • Purchasing and supply chain managersProject managers


Course Outline

Day 1: Understanding today’s Executive Leadership Expectations

  • Examining your executive leadership challenges
  • Exploring the fundamental concepts of executive leadership
  • The four-factor model of effective executive leadership
  • Differentiating between leadership and management
  • Identifying the executive leadership requirements for the 21st century


Day 2: Leadership with the Head: Exploring the Strategic Elements of Executive Leadership

  • Defining mission, vision and values
  • Focusing on the “big picture” when building the culture
  • The importance of planning and prioritizing in day-to-day activities
  • Taking the time to focus on envisioning the future
  • How a personal vision statement helps you achieve your organizational vision


Day 3: Leadership with the Hands: Understanding and Appreciating Situational Leadership II, the Art of Influencing Others

  • How to develop people, value differences and encourage honest communication
  • Developing your leadership style to gain commitment from your employees
  • Matching your leadership style to your employees’ developmental needs


Day 4: Leadership with the Feet: Personal Values and Ethics at Work

  • Understanding the challenges you face—and the various ways you can manage them
  • Creating a culture of trusting relationships
  • How individualized “passionate purpose” provides a context for consistency and credibility


Day 5: Leadership with the Heart: Practicing Ways to Communicate

  • Executive leadership techniques for enhancing pride in the work and the organization
  • Motivating the workforce: three elements that ensure increased job satisfaction and productivity
  • Examining the role of “emotional intelligence” in successful executive leadership
  • Assessing your “emotional intelligence”: your strengths and areas that need development

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