Modern Methods & Techniques In The Preparation & Organization Of Conferences & Exhibitions

Course Code: PR16

►Course Objective


  • Identify the types of events and conferences in order to execute a more effective plan
  • Organize, assess and motivate various committees involved in managing events and conferences
  • Promote their events and conferences by planning and setting a step by step promotional plan
  • Explain the various functions for managing events and conferences
  • Prepare and control the financial aspects of a conference
  • Plan and organize different kinds of exhibitions
  • Examine all activities in order to evaluate them and to follow up on the events


►Target Audience


  • Managers
  • supervisors
  • officers involved in the planning
  • management of events, exhibitions and conferences
  • managers and officers of public relations


►Course Outline

Day 1

Events and conferences planning

  • Definition of events and conferences
  • Types of events and conferences
  • Aim of a conference
  • Importance and concepts
  • Collecting information needed in planning
  • Setting smart objectives
  • Preparing the event plan with detailed activities and schedules
  • Selecting the venue and agreeing on the site of the event or conference

Day 2

Organization of the event or conference

  • Choosing human resources for the management of the event or conference
  • Forming different specialized committees
  • Training and motivating the teams in charge of managing the event or conference

Promotional activities for events and conferences

  • Marketing the conference
  • Factors attracting participants
  • Promotion and advertisement of events or conferences
  • Steps needed for the promotion and marketing of the event or conference
  • Setting a plan for the promotion of events and conferences

Day 3

The different functions for managing events and conferences

  • The official airline carrier
  • Arrangements for accommodation
  • Conference registration process
  • Social programs
  • Public relations and media

The financial aspects of the conference

  • Preparing the conference budget
  • Fixed expenses
  • Variable expenses
  • Conference revenues
  • Determining the registration fees
  • The financial committee

Day 4

Organizing exhibitions

  • Importance of exhibitions in conferences
  • Goods and services in a conference
  • Pricing policy in exhibitions
  • Application for an exhibition
  • Promoting the exhibition
  • Managing exhibitions
  • Criteria for selecting exhibitors
  • Contacting exhibitors

Day 5

Follow up and evaluation of conference and events activities

  • Monitoring the event or conference activities
  • 'SMART' objectives
  • Key factors in assessment
  • Benefits of follow up
  • The coordination and follow up committee
  • Follow up and evaluation
  • The design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making

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