Modern Technologies In Document Management & Electronic Archiving

Course Code: SO16

►Course Objective


  • Provide participants with methods of securing and archiving files and documents using the computer.
  • By the end of this program, the participant will be able to:
  • Secure and save files using the computer.
  • Classification, cataloging and archiving of files electronically.
  • Dealing with the environment of paperless organizations.


►Target Audience


  • Archiving workers in general.
  • Workers in the field of preservation, insurance, documents and accounts.
  • Employees in the field of electronic archiving and protection.


►Course Outline



  • Rules imposed by the IT era.
  • Concept, securing and archiving documents.
  • Indexing and archiving technology.
  • Organizational aspects of archives, indexing and archival processes.
  • Methods of classification, numbering and indexing.
  • The use of computers in cataloging and archiving.
  • Electronic file security methods.
  • Paperless business organizations and electronic business systems.
  • Work laboratory for insurance, indexing and archiving operations.



  • Importance of office communications.
  • Characteristics of conservation personnel.
  • Dealing with office communications.
  • Origin and cycle of documents.
  • Archives supervision systems.
  • Classification, coding and indexing.
  • Using the computer in archiving.
  • Save and retrieve correspondence and documents.
  • Sorting, deporting and damaging archives.



  • Modern techniques and devices in the field of trading, preservation and retrieval.
  • Characteristics, elements and trends of electronic management.
  • Electronic systems for electronic management.
  • The features, elements and orientations of e-governance
  • Characteristics of electronic management and the possibility of electronic transactions.
  • Elements of electronic management: paperless management – management without rigid organizations – management without place – management without time.
  • What are the specifications of the office manager and the secretary?
  • Develop and develop an information security strategy in the face of potential threats.
  • Information security policies.



  • Key concepts in information security management.
  • Some data protection methods.
  • electronic archive.
  • The concept of automated document processing system.
  • Ways to save files.
  • Classification and indexing of files.
  • Strategic objectives of e-archiving.
  • Objectives of electronic archiving within the organization.
  • How the document and file processing system works.



  • Features of automated document and file processing system.
  • The general stages of implementing a project to convert a paper archive into an electronic archive.
  • Practical case in electronic documentation and archiving.
  • Computer applications and information confidentiality.
  • Data protection through office software suite.
  • Backup methods.
  • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) – PGP.
  • E-mail protection.
  • Antivirus.

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