Effective Communication Skills In The Work Environment

Course Code: MN35

Course Objective

  • Use advanced communication tools and skills to deliver various types of messages
  • Discover the different personal listening styles and identify their own
  • Practice and use assertiveness skills in different situations
  • List the main causes for boring and ineffective presentations and ways for overcoming them
  • Project the right verbal and non-verbal characteristics essential in powerful presentations
  • Pinpoint the main reasons that lead to Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA) and ways for eliminating them prior to presenting
  • Define and understand the different sources of conflict
  • Identify personal conflict resolution styles
  • Manage conflict in teams and engage in effective team problem solving


Target Audience

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Proactive listening
  • Building rapport
  • Influencing, inspiring and persuading others
  • Providing and receiving feedback
  • Assertiveness
  • Presentation design and delivery
  • Public speaking


Course Outline

Day 1: Defining effective communication

  • Communication: definition and characteristics
  • Myths about communication
  • Communication functions
  • The four laws of communication
  • Evolution of communication
  • Communicating for results
  • Understanding elements of communication
  • Mehrabian’s 55-38-7 rule
  • Overcoming communication anxiety and other obstacles
  • Communication etiquette

Day2: The art of listening

  • Common listening issues
  • Guidelines for effective listening
  • Effective listening and paraphrasing techniques
  • Understanding different listening styles: active versus passive styles
  • Improving the information recall rate
  • Assessing personal listening profiles

Day3: Body language in communication

  • The hands, legs and the eyes
  • To move or to stay put?
  • Tips for effective body positioning
  • Guidelines for animating the legs and hands
  • Characteristics of captivating verbal delivery
  • Avoiding clichés and euphemisms
  • The dangers of smart casual
  • Dress and appearance: what are the rules?

Day4: Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA)

  • Reasons why most people get nervous
  • Adrenalin and its effect on presentations
  • Dealing with PSA: short and long term solutions
  • What do great presenters do?

Day5: Definitions of conflict

  • Nature and scope of conflict management
  • Misconceptions about conflict
  • Sources of conflict
  • Positive and negative factors of conflict
  • When conflict comes between you and your desired results
  • Thomas–Kilmann conflict resolution mode instrument
  • Scoring and interpretations
  • Ways of coping with conflict
  • Assumptions and outcome of conflict
  • Managing conflicts and using appropriate style for more effective outcomes
  • Approaches to conflict resolution
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Assumptions in disagreement
  • Creating a collaborative work environment for faster and better results
  • The design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making

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