Innovative Leadership & Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness

Course Code: MN31

Course Objective

  • Demonstrate innovative methods for harnessing others’ creative potential
  • Communicate your vision in refreshing and engaging ways
  • Define the concepts of ‘strategy’ and ‘strategic plans’
  • Understand and explain visionary thinking as part of the strategic process and apply strategic planning to your own management issues
  • Place your own part of the organisation within the overall context of corporate strategy
  • Gain confidence in managing your own contribution to strategic implementation


Target Audience

  • Senior Management Professionals,
  • Team Leaders, Supervisors
  • and All Professionals who are responsible for driving company growth by creating or eliciting new ideas and paradigms. Alternatively,
  • Anyone who wants to forge innovative approaches to communications,
  • human resource and training managers searching for breakthrough ideas and tools they can use to harness the creativity in others within their organisation.


Course Outline

Day 1: Creative Problem-Solving

  • Leadership Reality Assessment
  • Leadership Vs Management
  • Understanding Our Brain Function
  • Myths of Creativity
  • The limitations of the rational
  • Divergent approaches to problem-solving
  • Letting go of logic
  • Analogous thinking modes
  • Convergent and divergent modes

Day 2: Developing the Vision Creatively

  • Six thinking hats
  • Using differing thinking styles
  • JoHari’s window
  • The business plan process & creating a vision
  • Harnessing the power of the team
  • Organisational culture and its influence on innovation
  • Letting go of the ego
  • Working with different creative preferences

Day 3: From Ideas to Action: Creativity and Change

  • Motivation - Hierarchy of Needs
  • Overcoming organisational barriers to creativity and change
  • Nurturing a learning environment
  • Is Money a motivator?
  • Personality Profiling
  • Building a creative consensus
  • Engaging stakeholders creatively
  • Influencing and motivating through change

Day 4: Strategic Thinking and External Analysis

  • Definitions of strategy and strategic planning?
  • Why are strategy and strategic planning important?
  • Understanding the main frameworks for strategic analysis
  • Private and public sector strategies – similarities and differences
  • External analysis - understanding and analysing business attractiveness
  • Analysing customers and benchmarking your own strategic position
  • How attractive is the game that we have chosen to play?

Day 5: Strategic Implementation and Getting the Value out of Strategy

  • Alignment of strategy, culture, structure and people
  • Effective execution - converting strategic analysis and planning into action
  • Aligning and linking strategy with operational objectives
  • Implementation – getting practical things done
  • Creating tomorrow’s organisation out of today’s organisation
  • Strategic planning at a personal level
  • Overview - the complete strategy process
  • Summary and conclusions - the corporate and individual value of strategic planning

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Date & Location

Date : 21 August 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : New York

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Date : 27 February 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Hong Kong

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