Dr. Hasan Mansur

Accounting Audit Taxation Financial consulting Researcher Leadership Managerial Training Financial Report Human Resource Accounting Human Resource Management







  • Accounting , Development Field & capacity building and Service Delivery Improvement 
  • Researcher, Lecturer  & Trainer , Assessor  and  Senior Accountant
  • Lecturer & Trainer, Senior  researcher, Senior Accountant, , Lead Auditor (Assessor)
  • PhD In accounting











  • M. Phil in International Management –Ludwigsburg University, Germany (GPA 1.79)
  • Master in Accounting - Yarmouk University, Jordan (GPA 80.9%)
  • B.A in Accounting - Irbid University, Jordan (GPA 83.2%)
  • General Secondary Certificate – Scientific Stream , Irbid Secondary School, Jordan (82.4)






                 2010- till  now



Lecturer – freelance

 Institute of public administration,  Current

 Institute of Banking Studies, Jordan (www.ibs.edu.jo), Current

 Yarmouk University, Part timer (www.yu.edu.jo) - Former

Business or sector Training, Capacity Building, coaching & Education

                    2007- 2013


Senior Researcher

Ministry of Public sector development (MoPSD) , Jordan  (www.mopsd.gov.jo)

  • Senior researcher, Lecturer  and team leader at Service Delivery Improvement Directorate (SDID)
    • Preparing Studies Related with Simplification of Procedures and Improvement Services at Governmental Ministries and Departments
    • Managing & supporting partnership between MoPSD projects & UNDP funding
    • Leading of  MOPSD pioneer projects for GOV. Performance improvement
    • Providing specific & detailed E-Gov. solutions based on ICT standards
    • Implement Service Delivery Improvement System in the governmental institutions, Evaluating Institutional Performance using suitable tools
    • Conducting Stakeholder Analysis to identify their needs
    • expectations and roles in service  improvement, Implementing Client Voice measurement tools like focus groups, client surveys  and structured  interviews, Reviewing and mapping Service Procedures to get acquainted with the service
    • Setting Service Standards; and Perform studies and research as required by supervisor
  • Senior Accountant at Accounting Division
    • Preparing Financial summaries
    • Preparing Bank Reconciliation
    • Preparing Monthly Financial Position
    • Follow up Related Accounts with Central Bank of Jordan  and Ministry of Finance
    • Preparing Remittances to General Budget Department
    • Preparing the Annual Capital and Current Budget


Business or sector  Development & capacity building, Restructuring & Streamlining, Caoching   


                    2003- 2007


  • Yousef Hamid Office for Auditing and Accounting
  • Audit On Private Firms, Charities, Hospitals & Private Schools
  • Accounting Tasks
  • Taxation
  • Consulting services in Accounting

Business or sector  Auditing, Accounting & Financial consulting  

























































  • Accounting Department
  • Deposit Department
  • Customer Relation Officer


Business or sector   Banking  








               2013- Till now (Germany)



                      2007-2015 (MoPSD)


















                  1998-2003 (Arab Bank)















  • Capacity Works - The Management Model for Sustainable Development in Eschborn, Germany. Held by GIZ



  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Held By USAID
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Toolkit, Held by USAID
  • Strategic Planning : A Tool for Enhancing Government Performance, Held by USAID
  • ISO 9001:2008 – Lead Auditor, Held by UNDP
  • Simplifications of Procedures Using the SDI Toolkit, Held by UNDP
  • ISO 9001 Awareness, Held by UNDP
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Held by UNDP
  • Approved Mentor, Held by King Abdullah  Center for Excellence KACE
  • Managing Short Term Technical Assistant (STTA), Held by USAID
  • Training of Trainers (ToT) , Held by USAID
  • Translating Report into Action Plans, Held by King Abdullah Center for Excellence
  • Bank Reconciliations in Governmental Accounting, Held by USAID
  • Auditing Quality at holiday Inn , Held by luminous Brains Center
  • Returning Expenses, Held by USAID
  • Mystery Shopper Toolkit Workshop. Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) Toolkits
  • Benchmarking Toolkit Workshop – Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) Toolkits
  • Simplification of Procedures Using the SDI Toolkit Held by USAID


  • Basis in Bills of Exchange at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Basis of Credit Facilities at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Credit Facilities at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Accounting Electronic Archives System at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Forgery Examination on Signatures and Documents At T.D (Arab Bank).
  • Internet, Microsoft Front Page and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Credit Analysis at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Credit Retail at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Letters of Credit at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Distinguishing in Customer Service at Training Department (Arab Bank).
  • Promissory Notes at Training Department (Arab Bank).



































































Mother tongue(s)





Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production









Name of language certificate








Name of language certificate


Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages



















Communication skills

  • Good Communication Skills Gained Through My Experience as a Researcher, Assessor & Trainer
  • Good Negotiation Skills Gained Through My Experience as a Researcher (Representative)
  • Good Presentation Skills Gained Through My Experience as a Lecturer & Trainer








Organisational / managerial skills

  • Leadership
  • Project Leader (Responsible for a Team Of 4 People)
  • Trainer in Accounting and Managerial Topics  (Responsible for a Trainees of 8 People at Least)
  • Distinguishing in Preparation Financial Reports
  • Very Good Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Very good knowledge of service delivery improvement toolkit










Job-related skills

  • Good Command of Quality Control Processes, Mentoring and Assessing




Computer skills

  • Very Good Command of Microsoft Office™ Tools:  Excel, PPT, Word & Visio  
  • Very Good Command of ERP Programs Such As: SAP




Driving licence

  • Category 3 (Jordanian Driving Licence)
















Memberships / Professional Certificates





  • The Expectation Gap between Auditors and Credit Officers in Jordanian Commercial Bank Published on Nov. 2013 at The Arab Journal of Accounting – University of Bahrain. Volume 16 No.2.
  • Human Resource Accounting, between Theory and Application. Forthcoming Research
  • The Impact of Human Resource Management to Strengthen the Competitiveness of Industrial Companies. Forthcoming Research. Management Science and Engineering Journal (CSCanada)
  • New Directions in Performance Accounting Held by: Bright Minds for Human Resources Development at Holiday Inn – Amman
  • Critical Issues for Emerging Economics in Today's Business environment, Held by: The Faculty of Business at the University of Jordan


  • EFQM Assessor.
  • CMA
  • Lead Auditor, ISO 9001:2008 – SGS 
  • Approved Lecturer & Trainer at Institute of Banking Studies (IBS)-Jordan
  • Approved Lecturer & Trainer at Institute of Public administration