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Marital status: Married.



  1. PhD. Candidate, 2011, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM, Bangi, Malaysia. “E-government Systems to enhancing Accountability in Customs Administrations”.
  2. Master Degree in International Accounting, 2005, Al Al-Bayt University.
  3. Master Degree in Finance and Banking, 2002, Al Al-Bayt University.
  4. Bachelor Degree in Accounting, 1999, Jerash University.



  • International Training Institution ITI, Malaysia (Since September 2012).
  • International Salam Malaysia Institution "Salam Altayeb Malaysia" (Since February 2012).
  • The Advanced Style for Training, Amman, Turkey, Malaysia, Maldives, China, and Jakarta (Since January 2011).


Themes and topics in training:

  1. Accounting Themes:
    1. Financial Accounting.
    2. Financial Analysis.
    3. Auditing.
    4. Government Accounting.
    5. Government Auditing.
    6. Budgets.
    7. Fraud & Financial Corruption.
    8. Corporate Governance.
    9. Good Governance in public organizations.
    10. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Systems.
  2. Customs Themes:
    1. Intellectual Property Rights in Customs Administrations.
    2. Targeting and Risk Management.
    3. Customs Measures.
    4. Estimation.
    5. The Role of Customs Administrations in Facilitating the Movement of World Trade.
    6. TRIPS Agreement.
    7. The Role of Customs Administrations in Doing Business Reports.
    8. Electronic systems and enhancing Customs Administrations performance.
    9. The New Concepts of Customs Administrations under international law and agreements.
  3. E-Government Themes:
    1. The role of e-government in enhance Accountability
    2. Stages of E-government.
    3. E-government and Transparency
    4. E-government towards Anti-Corruption.
    5. E-government and Empowering Citizens.
    6. Public Organizations Collaboration in E-Government Era.
    7. Responsiveness to Public/Private Sector and Citizens through E-Government Systems.
    8. The 10 Reasons Leading to Success of E-Government Projects & The 10 Reasons Leading to Failed of E-Government Projects.
    9. From 5/1/2003. until now , Captain (Customs), Jordan Customs Department, Amman, Jordan
    10. Missions:
    11. Clearance Unite Officer.
    12. Risk Analyst.
    13. Customs Measures Expert (UNCTAD).
    14. Intellectual Property Rights Expert (TAG).
    15. From 1/8/2002. To 17/9/2002, auditor in audit bureau, Amman, Jordan.
    16. From 1/1/2000. To 31/7/2002, Senior Accountant, in Building Materials Company, Amman-Jordan.
    17. From 1/8/1999. To 31/12/1999, Accountant  in Building Material Company, Amman-Jordan.


  1. Test Of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL IBT, 21 Jan 2011, score 85/120.
  2. Preparation and Qualification of International Trainers, the Advanced Style for Training, Singapore, 2010.
  3. A counterfeit training seminar, 22 Nov. 2010, Amman, ICR. “corporate research”.
  4. Negotiating technology transfer agreements: how to get a better deal, 27-28 Oct. 2010, IDLO “International Development Law Organization.
  5. Trademarks protection and litigation: how to win a case, 25-26 Oct. 2010, IDLO “International Development Law Organization.
  6. Fight against piracy and trademark infringement, 15-17 June 2010, Regional course, Jordan Customs.
  7. Workshop on technical aspects of border measures, 22-23 Feb. 2010, Amman,  JORLAW & BDF Beiersdorf.
  8. Fight against piracy and trademark infringement, 7-9 July 2009, Regional course, Jordan Customs.
  9. Workshop on border enforcement of intellectual property rights, 6-9 July 2008, Amman, U.S. patent and trademark office.
  10. Customs Value, 8/4/2008, Amman, Jordan Customs.
  11. The Tariff , from 22/3/2008 to 29/3/2008, Amman, Jordan Customs.
  12. Special term Operation program (stop) training march 17-22, 2007, by U.S. Customs and Border protection.
  13. Capacity building-border enforcement training, 29june 2006, by U.S. Customs and Border protection.
  14. International Computer Driving License (ICDL), by UNISCO, 29 June 2006.
  15. A radiation detectors, Jordan Customs, From 29/5/2005 To 30/5/2005.
  16. Customs procedures, Jordan Customs, From 5/1/2003 To 23/1/2003.
  17. The new employee orientation program, audit bureau, The National Institute for Training From 4/8/2002 To15/8/2002, Amman.
  18. Fund management domestic credit, from 10/10/2001 To 18/10/2001, Amman, Development & Employment Fund.