Human Resource management planning

Personal Details:


Birth date       :           21st August 1970                                           

Gender            :           Male

Status             :           Married (4 children)           

Nationality : Malaysia                    



  • Master Degree of Management (Honors)

University Malaya ,Malaysia


  • Bachelor of Science (Honors)

Economics with minor in Shariah

International Islamic University


  • GCE A-Levels equivalent

Ad’ Dammam High School

Saudi Arabia



Work Experience:

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU), Malaysia (Since Sept 2006)

11th Floor, Plaza Masalam, Jalan E9/E, Section 9

40100 Shah Alam


  • Manager, Administrative Affairs Division

(January 2012- Recently)


  • Heading Monitoring the Departments Functions under the Division Namely Human Resource, Public relations, and Corporate Services.
  • Developing the electronic system to monitor the staffs and their performance.
  • Providing all service related to the university staffs.
  • Performing the maintenance of the university assets to ensure the effective and continuous performance of the university.
  • Providing the necessary tools for effective promotion of the university.
  • Following the work styles of administrative affairs to ensure the compliance with the administrative procedures and policies.


  • Manager in The Rector’s Office (CEO’s Office)

Cum Secretary for the Top Management Committee (TMC)

Cum Secretary for the Senate

(March 2009 – 9th January 2012)


  • To support the Rector on the institution’s strategy toward achieving its mission in a consistent and timely progress.
  • Conduct official correspondence/communication on behalf of the Rector when appropriate.
  • Participate with the Rector and Superior Management in developing a strategic plan to guide the Institution.
  • To works closely with the Superior Management to determine the needs of the organization from a business and administrative perspective.
  • To assist Rector on preparing proposals, budgets, responses, communications, and related documents for the Rector, related to the Rectors’ duty
  • Attends various meetings with the Rector; takes and transcribes minutes into a final document.
  • University’s Official Correspondence with Ministry of Higher Learning Institute of Malaysia (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency MQA and other official Government and Corporate Agencies.


  • Academic Administrator  (October 2007- March 2009)

Cum Secretary for the Senate



  • Propose the department’s annual quantitative objectives (quality objectives) and prepare the proposed plans to achieve those objectives; and participate in the determination of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and monitor, measure, and analyse the results and then take the necessary steps to improve.
  • Assign and distribute the tasks and workload amongst the department’s staff and prepare timelines and set deadlines to complete those tasks.
  • Train the Admin staff under the Academic Division regarding regulations, policies, procedures, forms and their job duties.
  • Responsible for coordination and cooperation with the other relevant departments to ensure work runs smoothly and to prevent the duplication of efforts in performing tasks.
  • Monitoring and supervising the regulatory and compliance affairs of MEDIU with the Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) Act 1996 as well as rules and regulations, requirements, procedures regulating the education industry as prescribed by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysia Qualifications Agency.
  • Planning, facilitate, supervise and the liaison for the approval of new/renewal of courses by the Ministry of Higher Education of the academic courses offered at MEDIU  and Academic Performance Audit including in advising  on the preparation of LAN-01 document and LAN-02 document “MQA Forms for submission of new courses of undergraduate/postgraduate to get approval and accreditation from MOHE”.
  • As the Liaison person for the college with MOHE and MQA including follow-up with the MQA and MOHE officers on the submission made to MQA and MOHE pertaining to approval, accreditation and Academic Performance Audit.
  • Prepare reports required by the management which include  programme status


  • Translator (September 2006- October 2007)



  • Handled translation works (Online) from English or Bahasa Malaysia to Arabic & vice-versa during Pre and Post MEDIU registration in Malaysia
  • Translate all documents and correspondence letter to the University’s Council Members and the Rector,  in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia before launching of MEDIU in Malaysia.
  • Responsible in dealing and corresponding with the Ministry of Higher Learning Institute of Malaysia (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency MQA, Previously known as LAN “National Institute of (Lembaga Accreditasi Negara)


Open University of Malaysia (OUM)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

June-August 2006

  • Translator


  • Translation of Algebra Module (Pre-University), From English to Arabic
  • Translating contents of Mathematical and Algebra Terminologies from English to Arabic for the Computer Programmer to design as interactive Web Based Subject on the Internet. 


Islamic Development Bank (IDB) 30th Anniversary,

Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

June 2005


  • Translating from English to Arabic, for all the website content, programs   and Schedules (idb30malaysia.org.my), as well as repertoire
  • Personal translator to the Arab participants invited to the program


Multimedia Synergy Corporation Berhad

Sugai Besi, Kula Lumpur

July 2004


  • Translation of Mathematic Book (10th Grade) for High Secondary School, Syrian Syllabus,
  • Translating contents of Mathematical Terminologies from Arabic to Bahasa Malaysia for the Computer Programmer to design an interactive CD-Rom of the subject.   


Libyan Cultural Center

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

1997 – 1999


  • Program Coordinator & Translator


  • Coordination Arabic language programs;
  • Handled translation works from English to Arabic & vice-versa for the Chairman of the Cultural Center as well as the Center’s resource center.
  • Editing and Proof-Read Tabung Haji Corporate Profile (Arabic Version)


Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia Berhad

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA



  • Translating, editing & voice-over works for TV programs (TV3 i.e. Maha Guru & 13 Wonders of Malaysia to be shown in Arab Countries) , corporate profiles etc.


Other Translation Work:

  • Agel.com

March 2006

  • Translation First Published Annual Magazine Winter 2006 “Choosing Success” From English to Bahasa Malaysia
  • Radicare (M) Sdn. Bhd,

            Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

            November 2000


  • Translation Corporate Profile Booklet “Towards Caring Hospital”,     From English to Arabic 


Personal Attributes

  • Strong communication with excellent PR skills, including presentation, diplomacy and persuasion.
  • Able to demonstrate organizational and leadership skills.
  • Fluent in Three Languages (Tri-Lingual) i.e. Arabic, Bahasa Malaysia and English.