Cloud Security Fundamentals

Course Code: IT04

►Course Objective

  • Build a risk-based assessment program for cloud providers’ controls
  • Understand the key areas to focus on in cloud contracts
  • Evaluate the various layers of cloud infrastructure
  • Develop a cloud disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • Perform vulnerability assessments in a cloud environment
  • Integrate encryption and identity management services in a cloud environment
  • Improve your incident response and monitoring capabilities in the cloud


►Target Audience

  • Security personnel who are currently tasked with assessing the technical risks of cloud computing
  • Network and systems administrators who currently manage private clouds or need to leverage hybrid and/or public cloud services
  • Technical auditors and consultants who need to gain a deeper understanding of cloud computing and security concerns
  • Security and IT managers who need to understand the risks of cloud computing and advise business management of the risks and various approaches involved


►Course Outline


Day 1 – Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Delivery models: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Cloud types (public, private, hybrid)
  • Explaining the Jericho Cloud Cube Model


Day 2 – Security Challenges in the Cloud

Introduction to the topic: Why is this hard?

  • Virtualization and multi-tenancy
  • Risk assessment for cloud migration


Day 3 – Infrastructure Security in the Cloud

Patch and configuration management

  • Change management
  • Network and virtualization security
  • Application security for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS


Day 4 – Policy and Governance for Cloud Computing

Internal policy needs

  • Contract requirements for security
  • Service-level agreements
  • Governance models for the cloud


Day 5 – Compliance and Legal Considerations

Compliance challenges for the cloud

  • Legal and geographic jurisdiction
  • Privacy concerns

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Date & Location

Date : 10 March 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 03 November 2019

Duration : 5 days

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