Strategic Management & Strategic Planning

Course Code: MN21

Course Objective

  • Leverage the value of strategy and strategic planning
  • Break the process down step-by-step, providing a toolkit for each stage
  • Analyze options and synthesize information into an actionable strategic plan
  • Take advantage of the opportunities of globalization
  • Lead effective change within your part of your organization


Target Audience

This course will mainly benefit to purchasing managers, senior buyers, project managers, civil engineers, construction managers, contractors, sub-contractors, site engineers, senior management, and government agencies, architects, construction professionals, and anyone responsible for purchasing at a senior level who seeks to enhance their skills further.


Course Outline

DAY 1: Strategic Thinking and Business Analysis

  • Definitions of strategy and strategic planning?
  • Why are strategy and strategic planning important?
  • Understanding the main frameworks for strategic analysis
  • Strategic planning in public sector organisations
  • External analysis – understanding and analysing business attractiveness
  • Analysing customers and benchmarking your own strategic position
  • How attractive is the game that we have chosen to play?

DAY 2: Internal Analysis and Fusion into Strategic Choice

  • The interface and balance of external and internal analysis
  • Internal analysis: financial
  • Internal analysis: non-financial
  • The concept and practicalities of the “balanced scorecard”
  • Diagnosing and analysing strategic problems and opportunities
  • Fusion of analysis into strategic choices – SWOT and the strategy matrix
  • How well are we playing the game that we have chosen to play?

DAY 3: Strategic Plans and the Relevance of Alliances and Joint Ventures

  • Review of the tools used so far
  • The content of a strategy: avoiding “paralysis by analysis”
  • Putting a strategic plan together – the 5-page framework
  • A real-life example of a business strategy/strategic plan
  • Strategies for alliances and joint ventures
  • Management of alliances and joint ventures
  • Examples of best practice in alliances and joint ventures

DAY 4: Global Strategy, Team building and the Management of Internal Communication

  • The essence of globalisation and global strategy
  • Globalisation – the strategic dimension
  • Globalisation – the organisational dimension
  • Globalisation – the human dimension
  • How to build and manage a strategic planning team
  • Communicating strategy through the organisation
  • Gaining your team’s commitment and buy-in to the strategy

DAY 5: Strategic Implementation and Getting the Value out of Strategy

  • Alignment of strategy, culture, structure and people
  • Effective execution – converting strategic analysis and planning into action
  • Aligning and linking strategy with operational objectives
  • Implementation – getting practical things done
  • Creating tomorrow’s organisation out of today’s organisation
  • Strategic planning at a personal level
  • Overview – the complete strategy process
  • Summary and conclusions – the corporate and individual value of strategic planning

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Duration : 5 days

Place : Muscat

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