Strategic Leadership for Future Vision and Administrative Plans Preparation and Achievement

Course Code: MN20

Course Objective

  • Develop a strategic sourcing strategy that achieves tangible results
  • Implement the strategic sourcing strategy to maximize total cost savings
  • Assess and prioritize opportunities for savings
  • Establish processes to manage performance of the strategic sourcing contract
  • Apply best practices and lessons learned in strategic sourcing efforts


Target Audience
This course will mainly benefit to purchasing managers, senior buyers, project managers, civil engineers, construction managers, contractors, sub-contractors, site engineers, senior management, and government agencies, architects, construction professionals, and anyone responsible for purchasing at a senior level who seeks to enhance their skills further.


Course Outline
Day 1: Introduction to Strategy and Business Analysis

  • What is the link between Strategy and Business Analysis?
  • Definitions, concepts and key terms
  • What makes a strategy successful?
  • Performance measures and strategic alignment
  • Governance and Information Management

Day 2: How is Business Strategy Formulated?

  • Vision and values, mission and goals
  • Analyse external environment
  • Business capability analysis
  • Assess strategic fit and formulate strategy options
  • Strategy Maps and The Balanced Scorecard
  • Using the Business Model Canvas

Day 3: Strategic Planning Best Practice Whilst Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • The strategy life-cycle and the problem of strategic drift
  • Getting innovative thinking into the organization
  • The potentially negative dimensions of success
  • How to avoid “paralysis by analysis”
  • Overcoming inability to evaluate fresh ideas, denying the truth and thinking inside the box
  • The critical importance of good Planning Team dynamics
  • Mini-case and group discussion – “How and why a good organization can go bad”

 Day 4: Personal Strategic Planning

  • Applying strategic tools and techniques to the individual
  • Personal goal setting, creating a personal strategic plan
  • Implementing change – achieving progress as a strategic manager
  • The mix of competencies and personal skills required in 21st century business
  • Executing strategy – how to break it down and get it done
  • Developing inspiration and gathering support
  • Overcoming adversity by leveraging your skills and building on success
  • Conclusion – a personal role in the strategic planning and goal setting processes

 Day 5: Defining and Developing Effective Sourcing Strategies

  • Defining Procurement Excellence
  • Tactical versus Strategic Sourcing
  • Strategic Sourcing Benefits
  • The Strategic Sourcing Process
  • Develop a Strategic Sourcing Plan
  • Develop the Acquisition Strategy

Day 6: Supply Management Analysis and Techniques used in Strategic Sourcing

  • Procurement Analysis and Classification
  • Evaluate and Prioritize Commodities
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Principles of Cost and Value Management.
  • Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Purchasing Analysis Tools and Techniques

Day 7: Sourcing Path Selection (Competition or Collaborative Supplier Development) and Supplier Performance Management

  • Analyse the Supply Market and Identification of Preferred Supplier(s)
  • Supplier Development and the Strategic Sourcing Process
  • Proposal Solicitation and Evaluation
  • Negotiation Strategy – Competitive vs. Collaborative
  • The Importance of Supplier Performance Management
  • Developing and Maintaining Long-term Supplier Relationships

Day 8: Strategy Analysis

  • Introduction to Strategy Analysis in a Business Analysis Context
  • Analyze current state
  • Define future state
  • Assess risks
  • Define change strategy
  • Strategy analysis case study

Day 9: Putting Analysis, Requirements and Design into Action

  • Developing strategic thinking capability
  • Practicing interaction skills
  • Additional tools and techniques
  • Case study: putting business analysis into practice
  • Identifying Business Analysis Performance Improvements
  • Commitment to action

Day 10: Solutions and Perspectives

  • How to analyse, value and recommend solutions
  • Analysing performance measures
  • Agile perspective
  • Business Intelligence perspective
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Process Management

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