Maintenance of Cooling Devices

Course Code: EM80

Course Objective

  • Provide the trainee with extensive skills in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • It allows the trainee to work freely in the field of installation and maintenance of air conditioners and electric control devices.
  • Increase the efficiency of workers in the areas of maintenance.
  • The trainee acquires basic and technical skills in the fields of air conditioning and refrigeration.


Target Audience

  • Air conditioning technician.
  • Maintenance technician for electrical and mechanical maintenance and electrical.


Course Outline

Day 1

  • A brief theoretical study to identify how air conditioners work.
  • Know the technical symbols to read the technical drawings of the cooling and air conditioning systems.
  • Identify the tools used in the maintenance of air conditioners.
  • Identify the most important components of the main components and know the main functions.
  • Identification of the most important safety precautions crisis in the maintenance and installation of air conditioners.

Day 2

  • Identification of the values of the separation and separation circuit breakers.
  • Learn how to fill gas for air conditioners.
  • Learn how to weld pipe for air conditioners.
  • Learn how to handle code faults in air conditioners.
  • Learn how to cool cooling cycles for air conditioners.

Day 3

  • Learn how to wash the air conditioners in a good way without any minor damages.
  • Learn how to change the Compressor compressor and improve its performance and low voice.
  • Identify how to disassemble, install and maintain cooling and air-conditioning parts for air conditioners.
  • Learn how to maintain and maintain the air conditioners in the air conditioners.
  • Learn how to maintain evaporators in air conditioners.

Day 4

  •  Learn how to change and adjust the filters of the air conditioner and nets.
  • Learn how to lubricate fan motors.
  • Learn how to detect and maintain leakage.
  • Identify how to connect and connect electrical connections to the enclosure.
  • Learn how to maintain the heating system.

Day 5

  • Learn how to reduce and maintain noise and vibration.
  • Learn how to change the blades.
  • Cut and arrived and the formation of pipes used in the cooling circuits.
  • Provide advice and guidance when purchasing spare parts and guide you to the best shops to deal with when buying spare parts.
  • A brief description of how to operate and repair the 380 volt air conditioners.

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Date : 19 June 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : London

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Duration : 5 days

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Date : 25 December 2022

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