Communication Skills

Course Code: PR41

Course Objective

Communication Skills training course aims to enable participants to build high achieving teams where people feel valued by:

  • Showing they are listening to and respecting others
  • Clarifying objectives and expectations and providing support as individuals seek to attain them
  • Developing a collaborative team culture where people work together to achieve goals and overcome challenges
  • Ensuring everyone contributes to discussions and all points of view are heard before making decisions that are then supported by the team
  • Using presentations to win recognition for team achievements and support for goals.


Target Audience

  • People who supervise others and wish to improve their communication skills
  • People who lead teams and wish to do so more effectively
  • People who have been identified as having potential for leadership roles
  • Executives who want to develop capabilities in motivating and inspiring people


Course Outline

Day 1

  • Sharpening-up Active Listening; Giving Feedback
  • Paying attention to words and body language
  • Controlling ourselves so we can learn from others
  • Asking good questions and listening to answers
  • Checking understanding and reframing
  • Finding time-out space for one2one feedback
  • Keeping feedback timely and motivating

Day 2

  • Building Relationships Based on Trust; Creating Respect for Others; Enabling Collaboration
  • Building truthfulness, responsiveness, consistency, loyalty and capabilities
  • Encouraging openness and willingness to share ideas and information
  • Developing a collaborative culture within our team
  • Rewarding accountability and collaboration
  • Developing a collaborative mindset
  • Creating a cohesive team with mutual respect

Day 3

  • Conveying the Organisation’s Vision; Setting Clear Priorities; Motivating & Persuading
  • Creating a sense of urgency and purpose that motivates people
  • Creating ownership so the vision is shared and empowering
  • Clarifying deadlines and expected performance standards
  • Checking understanding and gaining agreement
  • Keeping people committed to the team
  • Giving opportunities to succeed

Day 4

  • Facilitating Discussion & Debate; Win-Win Negotiations; Managing Effective Meetings
  • Paying attention to diverse personalities and undercurrents
  • Ensuring everyone contributes
  • Focussing on positive outcomes for all parties
  • Aiming for commitment, not just agreement
  • Key responsibilities of the meeting chair
  • Maintaining interest and participation during meetings

Day 5

  • Giving Presentations; Action Planning
  • Structuring presentations so key points are understood and remembered
  • How to include a call to action that leads to change
  • A positive image: body language, dress code and voice
  • Building rapport with the audience
  • Avoiding pitfalls: stage fright, hostile questions, yawning and other problems
  • Developing a personal action plan

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Date & Location

Date : 25 September 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Morocco(Casablanca)

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Date : 29 May 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 25 December 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Manama

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