The Transition to E-Government – The Experience of Developed Countries into E-Government

Course Code: IT02

►Course Objective

  • Gain a familiarity with the basic concepts, terminology and technology of e-commerce/e-government.
  • Develop skills to critically evaluate government web sites and eservices against current “best practice” principles and standards.
  • Understand the major federal and state laws and regulations impacting the evolution of e-government.
  • Be able to articulate the policy and social issues facing agencies in implementing e-government initiatives.
  • Be able to apply basic business case and government IT management concepts in preparing e-government proposals, plans or strategies.


►Target Audience

  • Information Technology Officers
  • Governance Managers
  • Information Technology Division Managers , Head of Units


►Course Outline


  • Government/Non-Profit Web Site Development and Analysis
  • Explanations of Sessions/Class Introductions
  • Discussion of Course Reference Sites
  • Overview of trends driving the development of e-government/ecommerce
  • Discussion of Web Site Evaluation Assignment
  • Web Site Design and Web Site Evaluation
  • Citizen Centric Web Design
  • Involving stakeholders in e-government site development
  • Techniques for evaluating web sites
  • Overview of Key E-Government Practices and Applications
  •  Citizen to Government
  • Government to Government



  • Policy Issues in eGovernment
  • Public Access & Government Transparency
  • e-Democracy and On-line Activism
  • Government efforts to encourage citizen participation
  • Blogging and internet campaigns
  • Presentation of Student Web Site Evaluations
  • Privacy and Security Issues
  • Information security management
  •  Computer surveillance
  •  Data mining
  • e-Government Related Legislation
  • The “Digital Divide”

Day 3

  • IT Planning and Management
  • Information Technology for eGovernment Applications
  • Communications Over the Internet: Telecommunications and Internet Protocols

Day 4

  • Techniques and Tools for Transactions and Data Exchange
  • GIS Applications Case Study– Work Flow Analysis
  • Business Case Development and IT Project Planning
  • Identifying relevant criteria/process considerations
  • Customers/stakeholders
  • Cost-Benefit principles for IT projects
  • Tracking performance of e-gov sites In class discussion


Day 5

  • Concepts in IT Management for Governments and Non-profits
  • Organizational structures in egovernment
  • State & federal e-government plans/strategies
  • Introduction to enterprise architecture
  • Trends in outsourcing
  • Use of open source applications in government


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