Business Writing Skills

Course Code: SO20


Course Objective

  • Mastering the confusing rules of grammar and punctuation so the meaning is crystal clear rather than confusing
  • Writing in English on paper and screen so audiences understand it the first time and believe
  • Tailoring English language for online mediums where word count matters
  • Applying English language in business documents such as letters, reports, presentations and speeches
  • Crafting technical and non-technical reports that are clear, concise and coherent


Target Audience

  • Finance professionals
  • Budgeting and planning managers
  • Commercial managers
  • Division managers
  • Business managers


Course Outline

Day 1

  • Writing for Your Reader
  • Mastering the perplexing rules of English grammar: from Traditional based on Latin to Modern based on actual usage
  • The Art of Punctuation - the traffic signals of language: tells us to slow down, notice this, take a detour, or stop
  • Practical tips to avoid overused business words, replacing them with language that creates rich variety for our audiences
  • Writing in Plain English that is clear, easy to understand and elicits the response you want

Day 2

  • Developing Advanced Proficiency
  • 12 golden rules for successful writing that ensure people read what we write
  • Inspiring, Influencing & Persuading through Storytelling: how to narrate experiences with enough detail and feeling so our audiences are engaged
  • Newsworthy writing for external audiences that will grab interest and keep people reading to the end
  • Accurate proof reading that picks up errors, confusion and potentially embarrassing mistakes

Day 3

  • Writing for Online Audiences
  • Email etiquette: creating emails that are well written and structured to people understand why they should pay attention and respond
  • How to produce relevant online content for websites and social media, and improve usability and search engine optimisation
  • Maximising the response to your posts, tweets, comments and other feeds
  • Blogging for business impact in an authentic way

Day 4

  • More Practical Applications
  • Impactful Presentations: presenting messages clearly so audiences participate positively and remember our key points
  • Writing speeches that grab attention: motivating and persuading audiences when developing and delivering both informal talks and more formal speeches
  • Gold standard letter writing for business: how to structure letters so our recipients read, understand and act on what they read

Day 5

  • Powerful Reports & Briefing Papers
  • Structuring reports so readers can find their way around the different sections in reports
  • Using images, diagrams, graphs and tables to illustrate key points in reports
  • Best practices for layout and design – typefaces, colour, white space, margins, columns, numbering, page numbers, binding
  • How to write reports for people who don’t have technical backgrounds
  • Presenting complex processes, systems and other technical subjects in a clear, concise and coherent way

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Duration : 5 days

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