Preparing and Monitoring the Implementation of Budgets and Analyzing Deviations

Course Code: FA42

Course Objective

  • How to translate strategy into achieving budget targets to manage implementation.
  • Predictable techniques for planning and budgeting.
  • Best practices in the preparation and implementation of budgets.
  • How to use deviations to monitor and identify deficiencies in the implementation of the strategy of the institution.
  • The role of the company strategy in building the budget and financial planning.
  • Using quantitative measures in financial forecasting and budget building.


Target Audience

  • Financial managers, deputy financial directors, observers and treasury officials.
  • Investment managers in institutions.
  • Planning managers in institutions.
  • Internal auditors.
  • Specialists responsible for financial reporting.
  • Accountants, project managers and budget analysts.


Course Outline

Day 1

Nature of budgets

  • Concept of concept and importance of budgets.
  • Rules and procedures for preparing budgets.
  • Principles General principles for the preparation and use of budgets.
  • Steps of budget preparation steps.
  • Foundations of the classification of budget elements.
  • Trends Recent trends in budgeting.
  • Budget for the program budget and performance.
  • Budget budget for planning and programming.
  • Zero budget budget.

Day 2
Analysis and interpretation of government budget components

  • Budget budget of the administrative apparatus of the State.
  • Budget of public bodies.
  • Budget of economic bodies
  • Divide the sections of government budgets.
  • Budget of the current budget.
  • Budget of investment budget.
  • Cases of different process situations on species
  • Different from government budgets.

Day 3
Nature of budget examination

  • Concept and the nature of the exam.
  • Comparative comparison between examination and scrutiny.
  • Inspection purposes.
  • Who checks the budgets and final accounts.
  • Types of inspection.
  • Steps of verification of budgets and final accounts.
  • The most important elements of the analysis involved in the verification of balances and final accounts.
  • Cases of different process situations.

Day 4
The Role of Analytical Analysis and Financial Analysis in Budget Analysis

  • Examination Analytical examination of government budgets.
  • The nature of the procedures of analytical examination of government budgets.
  • Objectives Objectives and timing of analytical testing procedures.
  • Planning planning for analytical testing procedures.
  • Extent of reliability of analytical examination procedures for government budgets.
  • Analysis Financial analysis of government budgets.
  • The concept of financial analysis and its importance.
  • Uses of financial analysis.
  • Methods of financial analysis of government budgets.
  • Cases of different process situations.

Day 5

  • Analysis of program effectiveness analysis.
  • Analysis of software efficiency analysis.
  • Analysis of economic analysis
  • Analysis of justice analysis
  • Cases of different process situations.
  • The cash budget
  • Marketable securities management
  • Long-term securities management

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