Sewage Treatment

Course Code: SE04

►Course Objective

  • A greater understanding of the wastewater process.
  • Improved communication with colleagues as a result of improved confidence in the subject.
  • The course provides underpinning knowledge for NVQ qualifications Operating Process Plant: Waste Water Treatment.
  • Competent employees, better able to manage the wastewater process.
  • Better documentation of records and risk assessments.


►Target Audience

  • Local water utility sewage treatment works operators, engineers and managers.


►Course Outline

  • List the purposes of wastewater treatment.
  • Describe the way organic wastes pollute water.
  • Identify elements of wastewater collection systems.
  • Outline the stages of wastewater treatment at the typical treatment facility.
  • Explain what happens to wastewater during preliminary, primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment.
  • Describe methods of solids handling.
  • Differentiate between the way unaerated and aerated lagoons function.
  • Distinguish between suspended growth and fixed-growth systems.
  • List and describe different methods of utilizing activated sludge to stabilize wastewater.
  • Tell how trickling filters, ABFs, and RBCs operate.
  • Explain how secondary clarifiers are used in conjunction with fixed- and suspended-growth systems.
  •  Identify and describe the different types of bar and woven screens used for screening.
  • Identify and describe common types of grit-removal equipment.
  • List factors affecting settling rates.
  • Figure the length of detention time needed to settle out settleable particles.
  • Describe the three principal methods of land disposal.
  •  Describe what colloidal particles are and outline the problems associated with removing them from wastewater.
  • List chemicals used as coagulants.
  • Explain how the flocculation process works.
  • Explain the function of a precipitant.
  • List chemical agents commonly used as disinfectants.
  • Identify factors affecting disinfection.
  • Describe methods for applying chlorine to wastewater

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