Solid Waste Treatment

Course Code: SE03


►Course Objective


  • Understand, classify andmanage solid wastesIdentify routes of entry of different solid wastesources
  • Identify the characteristicsof solid waste
  • Suggest suitable actionsand plans to handledifferent situations
  • Understand moderntreatment technologies andregulations as well assustainability of the chosentechnology
  • Evaluate different casestudies and apply thelearnt material


►Target Audience


  • Environmental Engineers, Civil Engineers, Officers and Managers of municipal solid wastedepartments, Operators of solid wastefacilities, Those seeking a career in Solid Waste Management or those seeking to improve their knowledge or intending to go into solid waste business.


►Course Outline


  • Introduction: evolution of solidwaste management.
  • Sources, types, and composition of municipal solid waste.
  • Physical, chemical, and biological properties of municipality solidwaste.
  • Management and planning issues
  • Hazardous wastes found in municipal solid waste.
  • Solid waste generation
  • Waste handling and separation, storage, and processing at thesource.
  • Collection of solid waste
  • Material separation and processing technologies
  • Thermal conversion technologies
  • Biological and chemical conversion technologies
  • Recycling of Materials found in solid waste
  • Disposal of solid waste Closure of landfills


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Date & Location

Date : 08 September 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Singapore

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Date : 20 October 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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