Maintenance Planning and control

Course Code: EM40

►Course Objective


  • Explain the challenges and objectives facing maintenance organizations today
  • Demonstrate the importance of work order systems and use techniques for time estimations and priority assignments
  • Prepare a preventive maintenance program
  • Apply project management techniques to effectively manage major maintenance activities and shut downs
  • Use capital budgeting techniques to evaluate maintenance capital expenditures
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to maintain the optimal stock levels of spare parts to ensure operational continuity
  • Prepare the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) s to evaluate and improve performance in maintenance


►Target Audience


  • Managers.
  • Supervisors.
  • planners responsible for maintenance planning.
  • scheduling and control activities.
  • Divisional managers.


►Course Outline


Objectives of maintenance

  • Definition of maintenance and asset management
  • Challenges and objectives of maintenance
  • The modern maintenance strategy
  • Maintenance windows
  • Maintenance methods
  • Types of maintenance
  • Classification of roles in maintenance
  • Customer service in maintenance

The work order system

  • Purpose of the Work Order (WO) system
  • Information collected on a WO
  • Job estimating methods
  • Prioritizing maintenance work orders

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

  • What is preventive maintenance
  • The importance of implementing a PM program
  • Establishing schedules
  • Breaking a facility into logical parts
  • Developing an equipment list
  • Developing equipment manuals
  • Setting up inventory
  • Understanding risks associated with a PM program

Planning and scheduling of major maintenance WOS and shutdowns

  • The unique challenge of maintenance shutdowns
  • Importance of a clear Work Order (WO) scope definition
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Methods for building an effective maintenance database
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Work order crashing
  • Resource scheduling and leveling

Planning and controlling maintenance materials

  • Identification of inventory costs
  • Considerations in inventory decisions
  • How much to order: Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • When to order (setting min and max levels)

Controlling maintenance work

  • Maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Backlog indices
  • Schedule compliance indices
  • PM and emergency indices
  • Generic maintenance indicators

The role of planning and scheduling in Performance Improvement

  • Maintenance as a business process
  • How scheduled maintenance can lock in waste and cost
  • Drawing learning from recurring maintenance tasks
  • Reviewing planned maintenance
  • Dealing with the productivity challenge
  • Refining maintenance policies
  • Capturing learning from inspection work
  • The design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making

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