Modern Maintenance Of Roads & Bridges Trends

Course Code: EM13

Course Objective

  • deeping understanding among engineers and technicians of the types of bridges, tunnels, ferries and damage that may be caused to these installations.
  • Developing the skills of engineers and technicians in the methods of inspecting and evaluating bridges, tunnels and ferries, and types of maintenance and repair of damage.
  • Developing the capabilities of engineers in the administrative and financial aspects of contracts for inspection and maintenance of bridges, tunnels and ferries.
  • Enable engineers to understand the maintenance system of bridges, tunnels and ferries, and train them to use bridge maintenance, tunnels and ferries management program.
  • Maximize the engineers modern skills in the examination and evaluation of bridges, tunnels and phrases through practical field training using modern equipment and equipment used in this area Avoid obstacles to innovation and strategic thinkingApply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making


Target Audience

  • Engineers of ministries and bodies of the Ministry of Housing and Works.
  • Municipal engineers, local units and engineers of construction companies.
  • Engineers and technicians working in the field of road engineering Purchasing and supply chain managersProject managers


Course Outline

  • Types of bridges, lower crossings, tunnels and damage to the lower crossings.
  • Damages of bridges Methods of detection, examination and evaluation of bridges and lower crossings
  • Detection of damage to bridges and methods of checking and evaluating bridges and lower crossings
  • Maintenance and repair of damaged bridges and lower crossings
  • Techniques for maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges and lower crossings.
  • Detect tunnels.
  • Maintenance of tunnels Inspection and maintenance of ferries
  • Foundations and requirements for maintenance of electrical and mechanical works
  • Detecting damage to tunnels and ferries
  • Contracts and Bills for the maintenance of bridges and tunnels
  • Safety precautions for detection and maintenance.
  • Maintenance system for bridges, tunnels and ferries
  • Use the maintenance program bridges and tunnels.The design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making

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Date & Location

Date : 17 February 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 08 September 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Cairo

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