Regional Development Schemes Management

Course Code: EM11

Course Objective

  • The analysis includes the study of the regional approach to the study of the natural environment at the level of the region to identify the location of the city for the state and the region and cities and neighboring communities
  • Monitor recommendations and policies
  • State strategy for the city
  • The analysis includes the urban surveys of the cities and urban development
  • Social and economic studies, housing and public services as a comprehensive overview of the regionApply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making


Target Audience

  • Staff of urban planning departments.
  • The staff of the specialized agencies in planning and urban design.
  • The staff of the entities concerned with urban development.
  • Leaders of city administrations.
  • Senior management staff in the secretariats and municipalities.
  • Central administration staff in city and municipal secretariats.
  • Specialists in urban planning, urban and regional planning, architecture and environmental architecture.
  • Engineering office officials specialized in urban planning.


Course Outline

  • The extent of adoption of urban communities located within the supervisory area of the city.
  • Employment movement between the city and surrounding communities
  • Relationship between housing and work sites.
  • The network of regional roads between the city and surrounding communities and cities.
  • The regional natural potential surrounding the city and its utilization.
  • Regional natural problems and their impact on the city of study.
  • Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the natural elements affecting the city.
  • Climate elements and their impact on public life in the city.
  • Geological characteristics.
  • Soil characteristicsThe design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making

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Date & Location

Date : 17 February 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 18 August 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Jakarta

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