Advanced Negotiation Skills: Mastering Negotiation Skills

Course Code: MN04

►Course Objective


  • Have a deep understanding of the key analysis of the negotiation process and how to influence others to get more of what you need and want
  • Have developed a range of highly effective negotiating skills and strategies that can be used in a range of situation
  • Be able to effectively analyze, plan and prepare for every negotiation
  • Understand the benefits of controlling and reading body language when influencing others
  • Have become a more effective and confident negotiator
  • Have enhanced an essential operational, management and leadership skill that will increase your performance on a daily basis
  • Apply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making


►Target Audience


  • Managers
  • Senior buyers
  • Project Managers, Civil Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Contractors, Sub-Contractors
  • Site engineers, Senior Management
  • Government agencies
  • Architects, Construction professionals
  • Anyone responsible for purchasing at a senior level who seeks to enhance their skills further.
  • Purchasing, Supply chain Managers and Project Managers.


►Course Outline


Day 1: Introduction to Negotiation – The Starting Point for Improvement

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Positivity & Negativity and its affect on negotiation
  • Acquiring a positive attitude to the negotiation process
  • Proposal format – simple, focused & logical
  • Placing yourself above the competition with your proposal
  • The psychology the negotiation – Knowing your opponents driving force
  • The feel-good factor
  • Questioning & listening techniques


Day 2: Understanding Behavioural Style to Negotiate Better

  • Knowing and understanding your own behavioural style – keys to how you negotiate
  • Negotiation Style Assessment
  • Approaches to negotiation
  • The ‘win:win’ and why it is misunderstood
  • The two distinct approaches to negotiation
  • Communication style and the negotiation process
  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Negotiation and ethics


Day 3: Developing a Strategic Approach to Negotiation

  • A strategic approach to negotiation – Distributive negotiation strategies
  • BATNA, Zone of Possible Agreement
  • Openings, anchors, offers and counter offers
  • A strategic approach to negotiation – Integrative negotiation strategies
  • Sharing information, diagnostic questions & unbundling issues
  • Package deals, multiple offers and post-settlement settlements
  • Knowing and maintaining your sources of negotiation power
  • Sales negotiation behaviour – a practical approach


Day 4: Interests, Planning and Understanding Body Language

  • Wants and needs – the importance of identifying needs
  • Emotional intelligence and its role in negotiation
  • The importance of body language and non-verbal behaviour
  • What is body language and how do we accurately read it?
  • Understanding thoughts from body language
  • How to use your own body language to negotiate more effectively
  • Resolving disputes – learning to mediate to create better deals
  • Techniques of the mediator – practical mediation skills to help resolve disputes


Day 5: Negotiating with Different Nationalities and Cultures

  • Face to face negotiation – dealing with different cultures
  • British & American
  • Japanese & Chinese
  • French & German
  • Advice for cross cultural negotiators
  • International team negotiation exercise
  • Putting negotiation techniques into practice – putting a deal together
  • Summary session and questio
  • The design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making


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Date & Location

Date : 24 March 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Istanbul

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Date : 18 August 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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