Shipping Documentation – Do and Don’t

Course Code: CL04

Course Objective

  • For new entrants to the logistics industry, it will be a good opportunity to learn about the importance of shipping documentation and its consequences if it is not done properly
  • For practitioners in the logistics industry, it will enable them to clear doubts about some aspects in shipping documentation.
  • For the merchants, it will help them to understand how shipping documents are processed and the carrier’s requirements in exports and imports.


Target Audience

  • Anyone dealing with b/l documentation e.g. banks, merchants, shipping line and logistics service providers and for those considering a career switch to the logistics industry.


Course Outline

  • Review of the trading process and types of  documents used for both exports and imports
  • Differentiate shipping terms and Incoterms
  • Shipper’s obligations in giving accurate cargo information in the b/l
  • Review some important clauses behind the b/l on limits of liability, delays,  and time-bar
  • Differentiate the types of bills of lading and their usage e.g. non-negotiable b/l, negotiable b/l and sea waybill, and switched b/l
  • Case studies/practical exercises on proper cargo delivery, preparing bills of lading in accordance with shipper’s or buyer’s requirements, shipping line clauses on the b/l.

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Date & Location

Date : 13 November 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Cairo

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Date : 09 October 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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