Securing constructions from fire & explosions

Course Code: HS14

Course Objective

  • Flammable/Combustible Material
  • Ignition Sources
  • Fire Extinguishers & Classes
  • Signs & Systems
  • Portable & Fixed Equipment
  • Definitions
  • Flammable/Combustible Liquids
  • Ventilation


Target Audience

Anybody that will potentially be repeatedly exposed to fire or conditions that may cause a fire in the workplace. Worker examples include safety managers/analysts, construction workers, fire safety apprentices, security, process safety engineers, & more.


Course Outline 

Day 1: Emergency actual combat training experience abroad

  • Understand the importance of hazard recognition
  • Recognize hazards in the workplace
  • Assess the hazards present in the workplace
  • Understand the task and process analysis
  • Manage Hazard Assessment

Day 2: Hazardous Materials

  • Hazardous and Toxic Substances
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquid Classifications
  • Important Definitions

Day 3: Machinery and Machine Guarding

  • Identify hazards associated in working with and around machinery and the guards used to protect the operator
  • Identify hazards and machine guards for various types of specialized machinery

Day 4: Use of Explosives in the Workplace

  • This course is designed for demolition contractors. Topics include preparatory operations, engineering survey, utility location, medical services and first aid, police and fire contact, fire prevention and protection, special structures, concrete structures, safe blasting procedures, transportation of explosives, storage of explosives, and procedures after blasting.

Day 5: Safety and Health Programs

  • Understand the importance of effective safety and health programs
  • Learn about the common characteristics of exemplary workplaces
  • Understand the general guidelines


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Date & Location

Date : 24 March 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 20 October 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Istanbul

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