Manpower Organization, Succession Planning & Trend Analysis

Course Code: HR18

Course Objective

  • Use the key inputs to form a strategic plan
  • Be able to use the organisational change model to forecast organisational change and when restructuring is appropriate
  • Master the new formulas and be able to dispense with those old formulas that no longer add value
  • Be able to select form from design models for organisation design
  • Use techniques for predictive forecasting using your existing data
  • Master key succession planning, emergency planning, productivity management, workflow techniques and BPM


Target Audience

Human Resources managers and senior professionals, specialists, team leaders, and business partners in the function who seek to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills in the key functions of HR as well as those who are responsible for evaluating HR and its effectiveness in the organization. The course is also suitable for those employees who are targeted for development or promotion within the HR function.


Course Outline

DAY 1: From Strategy to Organisational Design and Working Ratios

  •  Introductions and Course Objectives
  • The key difference between Manpower planning and New Workforce Planning
  • The importance of a strategic approach in workforce planning
  • The use of the Organisational Maturity tool
  • The critical inputs of workforce planning
  • How organisations are designed
  • The current types of organizational design
  • Innovations in reporting ratios – what the future holds

DAY 2: Our Role in Organisational Productivity

  • What is productivity
  • Collecting the information (you already do this) but some thing extra
  • Understanding the ingredients – Competency and how to measure it
  • Understanding and measurement of productivity information
  • Reliability – what is it? How to measure and improve it
  • Measurement of reliability – new tools – great results
  • The value of time and people – essential calculations and information
  • The value to the organisation of forecasting

DAY 3: Trends Correlations and Very Useful New Formulas

  • What are trends
  • Correlations
  • Trend information for growth
  • Trend information for contraction
  • Formula for Rightsizing the organisation

DAY 4: Downsizing, Rightsizing & Workflow Management

  • What is the difference between downsizing and rightsizing?
  • Techniques for right sizing
  • Downsizing the organisation
  • Calculating the value of rightsizing
  • Using workflow management to improve efficiency
  • How much can you improve productivity by?
  • Making the financial case – what is the added value here?

DAY 5: The Workforce Planning Dashboard – Business Process Mapping, Succession and Emergency Planning

  • Understand the value of the workforce planning dashboard
  • Importance of staff satisfaction
  • Why do we need business process mapping?
  • What it has to offer
  • How to draw business process maps & calculate the value of improvement
  • Emergency planning – for people
  • A new approach to critical succession planning

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Date : 10 February 2019

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 16 June 2019

Duration : 5 days

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