Advanced Negotiation Management Skills

Course Code: MN36

Course Objective

  • Discover a framework for analysing the context of the negotiation and preparing an optimal negotiating position
  • Understand the difference between preparation and planning
  • Familiarise yourself with best practice tools
  • Learn how to open and conclude a negotiation
  • Tactical plan to manage movement towards a desired outcome
  • Review key behaviours used by effective negotiators
  • Discuss the behaviours that have a negative effect on negotiations
  • Understand the concept of levers and bargaining and how to apply them
  • Negotiating from a position of partnership, not competition
  • How to deal more effectively and profitably with price objections
  • The different types of buyer behaviour
  • Learn to recognise negotiation tactics and stances
  • Communication and behavioural styles
  • Apply new and proven structure to business negotiations
  • Prepare and present a proposal at a final business negotiation stage


Target Audience

  • managers
  • supervisors
  • team leaders
  • administrators, and anyone who has to negotiate as part of their job and wishes to enhance and update their current negotiation skills.

Course Outline

Day 1

Planning for Successful Negotiations

  • Revision of the essential elements involved in negotiation
  • What kind of negotiator are you?
  • Self-Assessment – understanding behavioural patterns
  • Negotiation skills – best practices
  • Improving preparation and planning
  • How to research and establish the other persons position (business negotiation stance)

Day 2

Structure your Negotiations

  • Understanding negotiation structure
  • How to best plan, prepare and coordinate a major business negotiation meeting or ongoing negotiations
  • Discover how to establish shore and longer term objective and opportunities
  • Understanding the basic legal and organisational requirements of what constitutes a ‘deal’

Day 3

Verbal Negotiation Skills

  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Brilliant Body Language
  • Be aware of and use signals
  • Discover how to fully qualify the other party’s needs, requirements and constraints during the negotiation process by using advanced questioning and listening skills
  • Pre-empting negotiation objection
  • Delivering assertive proposals

Day 4

Non verbal Skills

  • Understanding the importance non-verbal communication and reading other people effectively
  • Buying signals
  • Creative use of variable within negotiation
  • Structure of business negotiations
  • Minimise and optimise concessions

Day 5

Proposing and Packaging your position

  • Identifying key variables that can be negotiated
  • The power of ‘authority’ during your negotiations
  • The needs and motivations that exist in negotiation


  • The key reasons people will pay your asking price
  • Key differences between selling and negotiating
  • Presenting ‘price’ in the most effect and persuasive manner

Negotiation -Tactics and Strategies

  • Key strategies and techniques to use in negotiation
  • How best to deal with the competition

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Date : 16 February 2020

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 28 June 2020

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