Planning, Follow-Up & Innovation Skills At Work

Course Code: MN34

Course Objective

  • Plan the design and functionality of financial models in Excel
  • Use powerful functions built in to Excel for statistical and financial analysis
  • Apply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making.
  • Apply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making
  • Apply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making
  • Apply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making

Target Audience

  • managers
  • government agencies
  • supervisors
  • professionals and executives
  • for who has desire to enhance their creative abilities for better workplace performance.Divisional managers


Course Outline

DAY 1: Understanding Your Creativity

  • Creativity & your personality
  • Understand and use personality styles as a management tool
  • Creative flexibility to manage effectively
  • Importance of perception
  • Maximising our perceptual ability
  • Creativity and the Holistic Model
  • Creative people from the past
  • Building a Creative Model

DAY 2: Generating Creativity

  • Understand how creative thinking works
  • Developing Openness to new ideas
  • The Creative Mind: Whole Brain Thinking
  • Distinguish stages of the creative process
  • Recognise what makes excellent creative thinking
  • Identify and understand the creativity in others
  • Developing a Creative environment
  • Consciousness and competence

DAY 3: Strategies for Creative Problem Solving

  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Getting in the right mindset
  • Taking risks & looking for paradigm shifts
  • Defining the Real Problem
  • Recognising mental blocks to creativity
  • Brainstorming for solutions
  • Utilising the SLIP technique
  • Utilising the drill down funnel

DAY 4: Encouraging a Creative Climate at Work

  • Releasing creativity at work
  • Fostering creativity
  • Incubating ideas
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Creativity for business breakthroughs
  • Sharpen your creative thinking: Metaphors & Analogies
  • Releasing Creativity through Coaching
  • Sharing information for creative solutions

DAY 5: Leading on the Creative Edge

  • Innovative leadership for excellent performance
  • Convergent & Divergent Thinking Skills
  • Developing creative potential in teams
  • Understanding creative people
  • Motivating creative individuals at work
  • Interacting creatively
  • Planning your Creative future
  • The design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making

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Date & Location

Date : 19 July 2020

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 27 September 2020

Duration : 5 days

Place : Istanbul

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