Effective Leadership & Empowerment To Achieve Outstanding Performance

Course Code: MN32

Course Objective

  • Understand the importance of self-discovery and develop an understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective leader
  • Build teamwork by recognizing the characteristics of an effective team
  • Improve their listening and communication skills
  • Appreciate the importance of anger management


Target Audience

  • New & Experienced Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Divisional managers


Course Outline

DAY 1: Self-discovery for Leadership

  • What is Self-discovery?
  • Personalities in the Workplace
  • Maximising our People Skills Abilities
  • Wellness of the Body
  • Case Study: Leadership in Turbulent Times

DAY 2: Developing Your Leadership Presence

  • Developing the Right Attitude
  • Understand the Stages of Growth
  • Characteristics of Servant Leadership
  • Openness to New Ideas
  • Creating a Creative Climate

DAY 3: Mastering Communication Skills

  • Characteristics of a Skilled Communicator
  • Asking Questions to Clarify Information
  • Active Listening to Understand the Message
  • What do our bodies say?
  • Creating a Positive Self-image

DAY 4: Building a Dynamic Team

  • Definition of a Team
  • Factors in Team Development
  • Types of Team Players
  • Dealing with Conflict in Teams
  • Giving Feedback for Improved Performance

DAY 5: Anger Management for Effective Leadership

  • What is Anger?
  • Understanding Trigger Thoughts
  • Strategies to Cope with Anger
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • The Assertive Formula

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Date & Location

Date : 12 June 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Dubai

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Date : 20 March 2022

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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